Top 20 NuGet cover Packages

Cross platform code coverage tool for .NET Core
The primary AudioWorks API. AudioWorks is a cross-platform, multi-format audio conversion and tagging suite.
MiniCover code coverage measurement core implementation
Minicover reports implementation
This package provides classes for accessing the CoverArt Archive (CAA), enabling the retrieval of cover art for music releases based on their MusicBrainz ID.
Light-weight cross platform code coverage tool for .Net Core applications.
Dependency required for instrumented assemblies.
Cover (loose) fieldtree and Partition fieldtree structures for 2D geometries for .Net.
Pure C# Web API for connecting to the Gracenote music database. Supports searching for albums, singles and artists and artwork download.
Extends CoreCover allowing OpenCover reports to be generated.
Core assembly.
Retrieves metadata for Windows games using, receiving the game's .lnk shortcut path as input.
Helps to generate all combinations of letters from given alphabet with different conditions and then pick over this dictionary in asynchronous way. It looks like pick over all values in n-ary number system. It can be very useful for test covering with all possible values.
Ghostscript for .NET, wrapper for Ghostscript in C#