Top 20 NuGet contact Packages

A library which can parse and build iCal and vCard items. It's mainly intended for use with MailBee.NET Objects. Supports .NET Framework 2.0-4.6.
LeMAK-Soft Bulk SMS Sender (LeMAKSoftBSS) is a library for Sending Short Message Services (SMS) in Cameroon and in many other countries. Check the supported countries and the prices at
Easily read contacts from iOS and Android. Sample: var contacts = await Plugin.ContactService.CrossContactService.Current.GetContactListAsync(); This package is depdended to Plugin.Permissions. Don't forget to add it and make the right setup
Integration library for usingcloudscribe SimpleContactForm with cloudscribe.Core
Generate Name Address City ZipCode Color and a lot more (Current Languages: NL BE US)
appMobi's Windows Phone 8 Contact Template as a starting point for your html 5 development.
A wrapper around the ConstantContact API
Contact server models.
Contact server model abstractions.
Interfaces for contact data access layer
Kentico.ContactManagement contains API that allows tracking of contacts on web applications that access Kentico externally.
Package Description
Simple .NET data model to store contact data of organizations and natural persons.
New Contact - Insert a new contact in the outlook. Get Contact - To get all the contacts from outlook. New Appointment - Add a new appointment into the Outlook. New Meeting - Send a new meeting request to others . New Notes - Add a new notes in to the Outlook. Get All Notes - To get all the notes fr...