Top 20 NuGet configurator Packages

General purpose Configurator API/Library for products, services and more... With many useful functionnalities: Entity/Folder, Search, Templating, Multilingual... Built in C# .NET Standard 2.0.
One of the challenges with mobile applications is the inability to iterate on apps quickly due to the app verification process and users' reluctance to update. A/B Testing is a great way of testing new features but this still requires the app to be re-verified in order to increase the number of use...
Common Service Manager is an abstration over locating and configuring services.
Common Service Manager Unity Adapter is an implementation of the Common Service Manager for Unity Application Block.
Stop writing your ConfigurationManagerWrapper!
The package mainly used to create a form with different attributes on server side in fluent way and further that information can be used to dynamically generate form at client side. V some readonly attributes to input V backword compatibility.
Base infrastructure for implementing configuration.