Top 20 NuGet configurationmanager Packages

Provides a central location for an instance of IConfigurationRoot to be used as the "default" configuration by .NET Standard libraries and .NET Core applications. Replaces some of the functionality of the .NET Framework System.Configuration.ConfigurationManager class. This package was built from th...
Cross platform Xamarin AppSettings reader
携程Apollo客户端   与Microsoft.Extensions.Configuration集成请使用Com.Ctrip.Framework.Apollo.Configuration包   与System.Configuration.ConfigurationManager集成(.net 4.7.1及以后版本)请使用Com.Ctrip.Framework.Apollo.ConfigurationManager包   直接使用ApolloConfigurationManager请使用Com.Ctrip.Framework.Apollo.Configuration或者Com.Ctrip.F...
Simple and extensible way to make web.config/app.config/env vars/whatever easier to read and strongly typed!
A simple way to inject strongly-typed configuration settings into your application via [web|app].config.
Factory to access configuration values regardless of the application type (Console/Web).
Allows you to work with complex configuration structures in your app.config or web.config files. Doing it the classic way with System.Configuration is difficult and error prone. JJ.Framework.Configuration makes it super easy.
WcfHelper.Mock helps for develope Unittests for Wcf-Clients.
A .NET configuration library to simplify application configuration
This package allows for the configuration manager to be consumed as an interface and also provides attributes for quick configuration section making with another tool.
Microsoft Azure Configuration Manager provides a unified API to load configuration settings regardless of where the application is hosted - whether on-premises or in a Cloud Service.
WcfHelper helps for develope Wcf-Clients.
Reads settings from the appSettings section of your configuration by convention.
Reading a setting from App.config or Web.config is a pretty common task. Here's a class that makes this loads easier: AppSettingsUtil Easily read application setting values in a variety of types, specifying default values if necessary.
Interfaced wrappers around System Configuration ConfigurationManager with support for extensibility points and strongly typed helpers.
AppSettings source for smartconf. Visit for more information.
Cross platform Xamarin AppSettings reader
Provides access to configuration files and environment variables for client applications.
Sane-ish configuration management
ConfigurationManager for using App.config and Web.config of different assemblys. It have a Wcf.ChannelFactory wich use the ConfigurationManager.