Top 20 NuGet configurationbuilder Packages

携程Apollo客户端   与Microsoft.Extensions.Configuration集成请使用Com.Ctrip.Framework.Apollo.Configuration包   与System.Configuration.ConfigurationManager集成(.net 4.7.1及以后版本)请使用Com.Ctrip.Framework.Apollo.ConfigurationManager包   直接使用ApolloConfigurationManager请使用Com.Ctrip.Framework.Apollo.Configuration或者Com.Ctrip.F...
This client library enables configuration builder for .Net Framework in .config file with json sources: network shared file and json content from URL (both web API and cloud storage, e.g. Azure Blob)
This library provides a way to add in-memory JSON to a ConfigurationBuilder. It allows for remote web configuration loading as well as grabbing JSON from command line, environment variables, or any location that isn't a physical path located on the target machine.
Helper class to return a singleton instance of IConfiguration