Top 20 NuGet compliance Packages

Recommended Google client library for the Cloud OS Config API (v1). These are OS management tools that can be used for patch management, patch compliance, and configuration management on VM instances.
Provides policy insights operations for Microsoft Azure.
3-Heights® PDF Validator is a fast and robust API for verifying and ensuring PDF and PDF/A conformance of your documents. It implements the true idea of PDF/A, in that it validates against all of the following: • PDF/A and PDF standards • all relevant referenced standards (e.g. JPEG, TrueType, P...
3-Heights® PDF to PDF/A Converter is a fast and robust API for converting PDF documents to PDF/A and adding PDF/A-conform long-term digital signatures (PAdES). All established PDF/A conformance parts (PDF/A-1, PDF/A-2, PDF/A-3) and their levels are supported. Ideal for automating your business pro...
Crypteron Security Framework Core Library shared by CipherDB, CipherStor, CipherObject and other products.
Crypteron CipherDB Agent for Entity Framework 6.x
Crypteron CipherDB Agent for NHibernate 4.x
Crypteron CipherStor for encrypting files and file streams destined for Azure Blob Storage, Amazon S3, SMB and local file servers
Crypteron CipherObject Agent for general object oriented encryption
Crypteron CipherDB Agent for Entity Framework Core
Crypteron CipherDB Agent for Entity Framework Core
`dotnet encrypt` is an enterprise grade encryption and key management tool that encrypts and decrypts files from the command line. It uses Crypteron's managed data encryption and key management platform to handle all complexities of key management. By storing your encryption keys outside your appli...
Compliance Rule Scanner
Gathers licenses of a project and/or solution as a JSON file.
A .NET Standard 2.0 library that enables checking terms and abbreviations for existence against a glossary of approved terms and abbreviations. In addition, the glossary has methods to abbreviate terms or expand abbreviations based on the GlossaryItems in the glossary. It was designed for checking d...
XMPP Interface to ComitFS CAS systems