Top 20 NuGet compat Packages

Are you a user of YoutubeExtractor looking to switch to libvideo? libvideo.compat is a compatibility API that helps you to make the move, without having to change a single line of code. Find us on GitHub at
A fluent Android animation library
Android Material theme for preference widgets. Backporting the material look and functionality. Available from API 14. Connecting preference-v7 to appcompat-v7.
Signed Xamarin Android Support Library - Media Compat assemblies for Intersoft Crosslight.
Signed Xamarin Android Support Library - Compat assemblies for Intersoft Crosslight.
Spinner Addon for Karamunting.Android.Consp1racy.MaterialPreference
Color Picker Addon for Karamunting.Android.Consp1racy.MaterialPreference
Android preference-v7 support library has some issues, this lib tries to fix them.
Compat package for the System.IO.IsolatedStorage.IsolatedStorageSettings. Supporting: * .NET Framework 2.0 * .NET Framework 3.5 * .NET Framework 4.0 * .NET Framework 4.5 * .NET Standard 2.0
ViewShadow is a simple class you can use in your Android application to load shadows for your view.
[DEPRECATED] Android library for using the Honeycomb animation API on all versions of the platform back to 1.0!
Compat Validation Data Model
A tool to verify binary compatibility of a set of .dll files.