Top 20 NuGet colors Packages

A tiny utility class that makes colorizing console output a breeze.
C# .Net Console Library with Text Format: colors, alignment and lot more [ Win+Mac+Linux ]
Classes for Querying and Manipulating Console Streams
The CB.WPF project is a set of WPF controls and extensions that can help to accelerate the UI development.
It's never been so easy to print messages to the console. With FastConsole you can print simple values or super cool text with multiple colors. You can do all of this with easy and short methods!
Quick and easy console colors for C#/*nix
ConsoleColours is a package that eases the use of text effects in .Net console output. Effects can include changing the fore- and background colours, underlining text and making it bold and so on.
It allows to print text into console in 256 colors.
Console with RGB colors support for windows projects.
An avalonia control for color matching and palette design.
A library for working with various color models and color conversion in .NET.
Property editor for Umbraco 7+ showing and managing primary colors of uploaded images.
Cross-Platform & Convenient console color utilite
Colors binding library for Bridge.NET projects.
Ansi Colors (ansi-colors) binding library for Bridge.NET projects.
An avalonia control for color matching and palette design.
A full featured Color picker Library for Android! Just like the one in Photoshop
An expanded list of colors and extension methods for Discord.NET colors.
A simple library to allow for easy addition of color to Console.Write* functions.
A small set of extension methods that make it easier to color text in the console. Just call a string with the color method you want, it will color the text in that color in the console window. You can make several calls to different colors using concatenation or string interpolation.