Top 20 NuGet collector Packages

The Splunk Sink for Serilog
Package Description
An implementation of Collector.Common.FeatureFlags using LaunchDarkly.
The Google Cloud Pub/Sub Sink for Serilog
Package for managing correlation ids and correlation states.
An abstraction for feature flagging.
As of 01/23/2018 you can send data to Azure Log Analytics with the HTTP Data Collector API (public preview) from a REST API client. This package implements this as a Logging Provider for ASP.NET Standard 2.0
Enriches Serilog events with information from Azure App Service runtime
LineProtocol collector system for AspectCore APM.
Package for managing correlation ids and correlation states in a application.
[4.0] - PerformanceCollector Extremely useful class giving ability to easily access performance counters regarding CPU, RAM and LAN usage in realtime with configuration, IDisposable and INotifyPropertyChanged support - HyperVisorPerformanceCollector Same features of PerformanceCollector class + sup...
Interfaces used in integration projects.
Enriches Serilog events with CorrelationId and UnitOfWorkId based on the current thread task context.
Tool for collecting workitens data from a TFS server.