Top 20 NuGet codecop Packages

Interceptor for CodeCop that automatically validates if any non-optional method arguments are not null, or in case of strings also not empty.
Interceptor for CodeCop that automatically integrates Statsd onto intercepted methods.
Interceptor for CodeCop to use in Web Applications that automatically validates if user is authenticated on each intercepted method.
Interceptor for CodeCop that automatically logs exceptions with Serilog and Elastic on each intercepted method.
Ever wanted to inject dependencies into PostSharp method interception aspects in a seamless way? Meet AutoAspectResolver, just plug-in you DI container of choice and watch PostSharp aspect dependencies being resolved at runtime with the help of CodeCop.
CodeCop is a free to use library that builds on top of JSON to provide a fast unobtrusive way to write method interceptors for your .NET apps. Interceptor placement is independent from your app's code. It's done on a JSON file which means that at anytime you can add or remove interceptors witho...
CodeCop Fluent API Wrapper
CodeCop Setup Autofac container adapter
CodeCop Setup Castle.Windsor container adapter
CodeCop Setup Ninject container adapter
CodeCop Setup StructureMap container adapter
CodeCop Setup Unity container adapter
Interceptor for CodeCop that automatically integrates MiniProfiler onto each intercepted method.