Top 20 NuGet cobie Packages

xBIM Essentials 5 provides support for IFC2x2, IFC2x3, IFC4 Addendum 2 and IFC Alignment (IFC4x1). xBIM can open, create or modify any IFC file format, including XML, STEP21 and IFCZIP formats. All programmatic access to IFC Entities is through a single interface, allowing one code base to wor...
xBIM Exchanger is a library enabling file exchange between IFC and COBie, COBieLite[UK] and DPoW Supports multiple serialisation formats, including XML, JSON, STEP and native Excel / xslx.
Provides validation services for data in the COBieLite UK schema
UK COBieLite schema for the XBIM Exchange toolkit
COBieLite schema for the XBIM Exchange toolkit
Provides support for the Xbim commonly used behaviours and interfaces.
[Obsolete] Please install either Xbim.COBie or XBIM.Exchanger instead This is a meta-package for backward compatibility only.
Provides an object model for handling the COBie schema used in both the UK and US implementations. Supports easy transformation from IFC to COBie and exports to Spreadsheet, JSON and XML formats.
Manages Ifc or STEP Model backed by the ESENT database. Windows only.
Xbim.WindowsUI is a library containing a set of Windows Forms and WPF controls that can be used to build Windows Xaml or forms-based applications, which can display the 3D geometry and semantic data in IFC building models.
Provides support for spreadsheet serialization/deserialization of data stored in xBIM model generated from EXPRESS schema
Provides support for serializing/deserializing a COBie EXPRESS model through an underlying IModel implementation
Provides support for tessellating mesh geometries.
Manages IFC or STEP Model backed by an in-memory representation
Provides support for the IFC4 schema, including Add1, Add2 + Alignment schemas.
Provides supports the IFC2x3 schema.
Provides supports semantic loading and saving IFC models and related formats. Commonly used types include IfcStore IfcValidator DefaultModelProviderFactory XbimReferencedModel
Digital Plan of Works library for XBIM. Part of the XBIM Exchange library
Provides support for the COBie implemented as EXPRESS schema on top of xBIM Toolkit. Allows COBie data sources to be read, queried, created and updated in similar manner to how IFC is with Xbim.Ifc4/Ifc2x3
Provides support for conversion from IFC to COBie EXPRESS using xBIM Toolkit