Top 20 NuGet clojure Packages

The package contains all libraries and resources to bridge together .NET CLR (Core/Framework) and JVM (Java). All information, APIs and examples are available on
Ready made templates to create applications based on JCOBridge. The templates are ready made starting points, all information and APIs are available in the official website
Property-based testing of Clojure codea
My library of extensions for ClojureCLR
Tools for managing namespaces in ClojureCLR.
Fork of the ClojureCLR compiler and runtime used in the Arcadia project
A port of the data.json library to ClojureCLR.
A language as a library borrowing concepts from Lisp and Haskell. JFP contains functions which allow for gentle adoption of functional programming ideas for developers who are new to the functional paradigm. JFP embraces the dynamic nature of Javascript while supporting safe data typing.
A Clojure reader and edn-only reader