Top 20 NuGet clause Packages

A simple package by @ardalis and @nimblepros with guard clause helper methods. See docs for how to extend using your own extension methods defined in your project.
Argument validation made simple and unified. It ensures arguments conforms to simple validation rules and provides an uniformed exception throwing strategy if arguments are invalid.
.NET Core 2.0 & Standard 2.0 port of A simple guard clause project helping you with validation and uniformed exception throwing when validating arguments.
Useful guard clauses that simplify argument validity checking and make your code more readable.
Provides extension methods for the Guardian source code package.
Guardian. Mostly of null values. An unobtrusive, lightweight, guard clause source code package: less than 300 lines of code. Should be used like this: Guard.Against.Null(() => parameter); May be extended like this: Guard.Against.Empty(() => collection); Possibly the best t...
Generates a Data Table Which Can Be Appended For Genrating Where Clause Of a Query
A lightweight, low overhead, low ceremony, cross platform library for guarding against bad method inputs.
A lightweight and extensible guard clause library. Example: Ensure.Arg(param1, "param1").IsNotNull(); The library is easily extensible through the use of extension methods. Even the main Ensure.Arg(...) call can be overridden to whatever you prefer e.g. Verify.That(...) See the project site for ...
A small library of helper classes
Argument guard clauses with ReSharper annotations.
Argument guard clauses with ReSharper annotations.
Easy to write, easy to read guard clauses for your .NET methods.
Reasoning engine that provides knowledge base builders and basic reasoning service.
'DRY Guard Clauses for c#. Guard_claws provides DRY guard clauses for c# that look like this: Claws.NotNullNotBlank(() => test);
Simple Guard Clause Helper
Readable and snappy preconditions
Readable preconditions