Top 20 NuGet city Packages

ASPMVC Core extension for using ChustaSoft.StaticData
An interface to the Torn City API.
An interface to the Torn City API.
The PriceZ unnofficial dotnet client
Provides fast, in-memory lookup of the postal service default city and state names by ZIP Code. All 50 states + DC. Data current as of October 15, 2020. No external calls.
Module for Address based on Entity Framework Core.
Generalized and self-contained platform for providing basic geographic related services without the need for a database
MapVida.WebAPIClient is a wrapper around the MapVida Web API. Its goal is to provide you with a clean and neat interface for interacting with MapVida's data services, while taking care of all the lower level things like HTTP requests, authorization flow and mapping the JSON request to .NET classes.
Tool with Common Data used in multiple .NET applications like Countries, Cities, Currencies, ExchangeRates...
Analyze your web site visitors at real-time. (This product needs a secret key. Please contact us via
Data Generator for Personal Contact Data
Cascaded Dropdown
ASPMVC Core extension for using ChustaSoft.StaticData
The wrapper package
Data.HashFunction implementation of CityHash ( xamarin android绑定库 本库与原作者无关 只是绑定
Generate Name Address City ZipCode Color and a lot more (Current Languages: NL BE US)
.Net library create random identities that include Name, Address, City, State, Zip, SSN and Date of Birth.
Data.HashFunction implementation of CityHash (