Top 20 NuGet circle Packages

Com.ViewPagerIndicator CirclePageIndicator for Xamarin Android.
Transformations for FFImageLoading library. - BlurredTransformation - CircleTransformation, RoundedTransformation, CornersTransformation, CropTransformation - ColorSpaceTransformation, GrayscaleTransformation, SepiaTransformation, TintTransformation - FlipTransformation, RotateTransformation - Supp...
Bytescout Barcode Reader SDK for .NET, ASP.NET, ActiveX/COM - read barcodes from images and PDF documents
Xamarin Froms Floatingactionbutton using native renderers.
Xamarin.Android bindings for alokverma's circle-menu. This is a view group in which you can pass list of menu items and those items will be drawn under circular path.
Xamarin.Android bindings for turkergoksu's PercentageView.
Xamarin.Forms(.Net Standard) library that allows you make smart UIs with circle, rounded rect, oval and so on.
Custom control for your Xamarin.Forms project ot turn your buttons into elegant circle buttons with an icon. Customizable border thickness and color. Ensure you call ButtonCircleRenderer.Init() on each platform! Built against:
Xamarin.Android Binding for Relex's Circle Indicator. A lightweight ViewPager indicator like in Nexus 5 launcher.
Telegram and WhatsApp like download progress indicator.
Xamarin Binding Library - CirclerProgress
Xamarin.Android Binding for TizisDeepan's PieProgress, a circular progress view similar to the one that you can find in iOS devices while updating applications. It's a simple to use library where the progress gets updated by passing values to a single method.
Xamarin.Android Binding for Arbelkilani's CircularCountdownProgress, an awesome Android View for loading a countdown value.
Custom control for Xamarin.Forms to view a progress ring. Colors are adjustable. It also supports "progress to" animations similar to the ones that come with the Xamarin.Forms progress bar. Built against:
MapPlus enables you to draw a marker on the map for the location given by the user, it also enables you to customize the map and draw figures like circles, Polygon and Polyline.
An easy control for creating circle's in a Xamarin.Forms project.
Awesome animated a Bi-Colored circular progress for Android
Xamarin.Android Binding for Abdul Aris' Android Circular Image View. This library provides circle and Avatar ImageView for Android. It automatically scale and center a bitmap based on the size of the view but does not copy the bitmap itself.
SlimChart SlimChart is a light and easy to use chart library for Android. Using SlimChart you will be able to create a stylish chart for your stats
Material Design ProgressBar with consistent appearance on Android 4.0+.