Top 20 NuGet circle Packages

Transformations for FFImageLoading library. - BlurredTransformation - CircleTransformation, RoundedTransformation, CornersTransformation, CropTransformation - ColorSpaceTransformation, GrayscaleTransformation, SepiaTransformation, TintTransformation - FlipTransformation, RotateTransformation - Supp...
Com.ViewPagerIndicator CirclePageIndicator for Xamarin Android.
Bytescout Barcode Reader SDK for .NET, ASP.NET, ActiveX/COM - read barcodes from images and PDF documents
A fast circular ImageView for Xamarin.Android perfect for profile images.
Xamarin.Android Binding for Relex's Circle Indicator. A lightweight ViewPager indicator like in Nexus 5 launcher.
Simple geometry entities, and basic calculations
Material Design ProgressBar with consistent appearance on Android 4.0+.
Material Design EditText with a delightful linear ripple in background, compatible with Android 4.0+.
ProgressCircula is a lightweight customisable circular ProgressBar view for Android. The purpose was to mimic the behavior of Telegram ProgressBar for messages.
Custom control for Xamarin.Forms to view a progress ring. Colors are adjustable. It also supports "progress to" animations similar to the ones that come with the Xamarin.Forms progress bar. Built against:
Xamarin.Forms plugin to make smart UIs with shapes such as circle, rounded rect, oval and so on. Support Android, iOS and UWP.
Custom control for your Xamarin.Forms project ot turn your buttons into elegant circle buttons with an icon. Customizable border thickness and color. Ensure you call ButtonCircleRenderer.Init() on each platform! Built against:
Awesome animated a Bi-Colored circular progress for Android
A Simple View that draws portions of a Circle depending on a number, just like what WhatsApp has done for Status
This is a simple Seek Bar, in the shape of a circle, responsive to the speed of the spin: the faster you spin the control, the faster the progress increases.
Package description
An easy control for creating circle's in a Xamarin.Forms project.
Library circle progressbar for splash form
MapPlus enables you to draw a marker on the map for the location given by the user, it also enables you to customize the map and draw figures like circles, Polygon and Polyline.
A fast circular ImageView perfect for profile images. This is based on RoundedImageView from Vince Mi which itself is based on techniques recommended by Romain Guy.