Top 20 NuGet chunk Packages

SlidingWindow provides an interface to retrieve chunks from a byte array using a sliding window.
A completely open source GBX file interaction library for .NET.
Decode byte array or stream containing chunk-transfer-encoded data, particularly useful for HTTP data.
Plupload is a JavaScript API for dealing with file uploads it supports features like multiple file selection, file type filtering, request chunking, client side image scaling and it uses different runtimes to achieve this such as HTML 5, Silverlight and Flash.
A wrapper for better JSON serialization of GBX, useful for comparing data.
Read Chunk (read-chunk) binding library for Bridge.NET projects.
Additional Linq extensions
The extension method can be used to chunk an IEnumerable into multiple lists of a specified size.
Nuget package and webpack plugin to help with cache busting webpacked resources in your Razor views.
The native Powershell module contain cmdlet Get-Chunk splits an array into arrays each not exceeding the given size.
The Chunking extension divides an IEnumerable into equally sized chunks and allows you to iterate over them. This may be useful when, for example, sending a large of items to a webservice, or saving a large number of items to a database, which may otherwise result in time-outs.