Top 20 NuGet chord Packages

This library allows you to register application wide or global hotkeys. It can be used to register hotkeys (one key, possibly multiple modifiers, like "ctrl+alt+j") and chords (multi key hotkeys, like "ctrl+k, ctrl+c" or "ctrl+alt+x, b, q").
.NET library for the SonicApi service. With this service you can analyze audio files to detect tempo, beats, melody, key chords but also add reverb and do pitch/tempo correction. See the README at GitHub repository.
Detect the musical key chord of your audio songs, this package provides a simple function that takes a file name and returns the detected key chord.
D3 Chord (d3-chord) binding library for Bridge.NET projects.
A .NET chord sheet parser
Detect the musical key chord of your audio songs with this fantastic library ! High accuracy on par with the top commercial libraries in the industry. See LibKeyFinderDotNet.BASS for a simpler package to use. Author: Ibrahim Sha'ath ( Packager: Aybe (https://github.c...
A .NET chord sheet transposer
A .NET chord sheet transposer
libKeyFinder for .NET (native dependencies)
libKeyFinder for .NET
chord 项目公共函数库
MARC 处理函数库
chord 项目输入输出函数库