Top 20 NuGet cheetah Packages

Allows for configuration based XML transformations at build time.
Allows for configuration based XML and JSON transformations at build time.
The fastest multithreading 2D parametric constraints solver for CAD applications. Examples: Full documentation will be available on our site:, or by request on If you want to see CheetahSolver in action ...
This package contains extensions for XDT (XML Document Transforms). Included here is an MSBuild task as well as other extensions.
A generic Repository Pattern Abstraction for .Net.
A generic Repository Pattern Entity Framework implementation for .Net.
A tool for comparing two .config files and generating an XDT transform (Microsoft XML Document Transform). Useful for creating transforms for existing production web.config or app.config files. Can also be used for unordered XML comparison, as an alternative to Microsoft's XML Diff tool.
Fork of SlowCheetah with additional per-user (and configuration) transformations. For per-user transform, name your transform-file like {file}.{configuration}.{username}.{extension}. For example: App.Debug.urbanhusky.config. Per-user transformations are applied after per-configuration transformation...