Top 20 NuGet checking Packages

Catel.Core library.
Consul.NET is a .NET client library for the Consul HTTP API
Consul Client. Fork from
A base class library to add useful extensions to .NET, like messanging, LINQ expression parser and extension methods, Task Parallel Library helpers, type auto-mapping for storage and benchmark.
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CuttingEdge.Conditions is a library that helps developers to write fluent pre and postcondition validations in their C# 3.0 and VB.NET 9.0 code base. Writing these validations is easy and it improves the readability and maintainability of code.
Provides a set of validation and runtime checking extension methods which permits a more fluent programming style.
A robust and expressive condition-checking library
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A SQL server database consistency and comparison testing tool. Shared libraries.
A SQL server database consistency and comparison testing tools. Commandline tools for creating databases, running SQL scripts, and generating migrations across different environments.
A SQL server database consistency and comparison testing tool. Base classes for testing database consistency in different environments.
This package allows you to check the realistic entropy (i.e., difficulty of a hacker to crack) of a given password. The package ports the original zxcvbn js library to .net. This means the suitability of a password can be checked server side. Further more the calculated entropy matches the calculati...
This is a library of tools for checking that your sites have restarted after a deployment.
This is a library of tools for extending Linq with functionality that is not part of the .Net framework.
Library to simplify runtime checking by using code contracts.
A really simple C# guard clause/validation library
Library for adding health checking endpoint to web service or application.
Small and simple library to help checking arguments
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