Top 20 NuGet category Packages

This package provides the functionality to utilize the features of Syncfusion WPF PropertyGrid control and more.
Friendly Traits for Xunit
A custom Kentico MVC form component that allows editors to select categories from a list of checkboxes in a modal window.
Provides a rich type system for working with Unicode Categories.
Strongly-typed attributes for the management and organization of tests.
CHIMP category provider API
CHIMP category providers
EF Core target for ATag
ATag is a very simple .NET Standard library to help you specifying tags for your systems' entities.
Temporality category to map function and values changing over the time
Category and Product Class and Generic List
CHIMP category model
Server model category
Category data access layer
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Improvements on XUnit. Category attribute.
Analyzer that verifies whether all Tests have a test category assigned (XUnit, NUnit, MSTest)