Top 20 NuGet casting Packages

Many utilities like: enumeration, hash, json (extension newtonsoft), regex, signature, string, uri, dictionary, etc
The Swiss Army Knife for type conversion.
Contains many exception classes for common basic errors. Clear messages, concise syntax, strongly-typed, good performance. Generates messages like "myParent.MyChildren[0].MyProperty is null.", "height of 2 is less than 10.", "Customer with key { customerNumber = 1234, customerType = Subscriber } not...
ProxyFoo is a library for the .NET Framework to facilitate creating high-performance proxies for Duck casting, null safe wrappers, method interception, and other uses.
ShadowCasting algorithm, often used for determining field of view in roguelike games
DynamicObjectProxy that lets you intercept any methods of any object and adding decorations. Inspired by CBO Extender by Gary H. Guo
A set of classes which allow handy and fast casted (to `float` and `int`) versions of all `System.Math` methods with some additional functionalities.
Makes it really easy to cast YouTube videos to your Chromecast device.