Top 20 NuGet cassette Packages

Allows you to transpile JavaScript via Babel using Cassette.
An HTTP Client handler that caches successful responses and replays them for improving the stability of your testing environment and speeding up your test suite.
Plugin for Cassette to transpile JavaScript via Babel.
Add-on for Knoema.Localization framework to make it extremely easy to localize JavaScript and HTML templates
A plugin for Cassette that uses the actual less.js code to compile LESS files. This library uses ClearScript.V8. Please note: This library will extract the ClearScript proxy libraries and V8 runtime libraries into the temporary ASP.NET files directory (as specified by HttpRuntime.CodeGenDir). In or...
Cassette integration into the Nancy web framework
Plugin for Cassette to bundle JavaScript using CommonJS style references.
Rewrites sourceMapUrls to accomodate Cassette bundling.
Extension for Cassette that adds Subresource Integrity (SRI) hashing to script and stylesheet assets