Top 20 NuGet cards Packages is a sync/async .NET 4.5+ client, and a portable class library for the Stripe API. (Official Library)
Cards View
Syncfusion Cards for Xamarin.Forms provides a perfect way to display content in an intuitive way. Key features: Card view: 1. Supports customizable border with corner radius. 2. Supports elevation. 3. Supports swiping to remove the card. 4. Supports indicators with stroke customization options in a...
A .Net client for our JudoPay API, allowing you to quickly and easily process payments
The Heidelpay .NET SDK provides an easy way to integrate payment functionality on your backend .NET application server.
A .NET Standard library for playing cards (standard and custom), draw piles and shuffling.
A Wyam module that takes xml documents as input and generate playing cards in pdf format.
A generator that takes data in form of xml documents and a template to generate a PDF with playing cards.
Grikly is an API wrapper to help developers getting started with the grikly api fast and easy.
Autofac module for Stripe.Client.Sdk
Async Stripe Clients For .NET
A tiny library with primitive types for building card games, like Suit, Rank, Card and Deck.
Installs the DataPresenter.DataSources.OData.dll assembly which contains a reference implementation for an OData data source based on the AsyncPagingDataSourceBase class delivered in InfragisticsWPF4.DataPresenter.DataSources.Async.v16.1
DragonFrontDb is a .NET database for data from Dragon Front
Library for creating a virtual playing card deck to draw standard playing cards from. Visit the GitHub repository for more information.
Paymentwall is the leading digital payments platform for globally monetizing digital goods and services. Paymentwall assists game publishers, dating sites, rewards sites, SaaS companies and many other verticals to monetize their digital content and services. Merchants can plugin Paymentwall's API to...
Utilities for the finance industry.
PayPlug payment solution
Accept and make payments from mobile money , cards , bitcoin and whatever is next Sell digital goods like airtime, data , tickets, bill payments and lots more
Beta library of Adaptive Cards for UWP.