Top 20 NuGet breeze Packages

Generates an "Entity Data Model" (EDM) from an Entity Framework DbContext. This EDM can produce the metadata Breeze needs to manage a corresponding JavaScript entity model on the client including the foreign key properties necessary to maintaining associations. This builder replaces the ODataConvent...
Replaces Breeze's default "BreezeConfig" with a derived version that overrides the Json.Net serialization setting responsible for the $type name property of the JSON sent to the client. Turns the really nasty, long dynamic or anonymous type names into acceptabe shorter names such as...
Breeze integration for Asp.Net
Angular.Breeze.StorageWIP provides an API to export all client data from Breeze to local storage, and import it back into Breeze retaning all metadata, state and object relations. It also supports an API for saving Work in Progress (WIP) to local storage. Works great with HotTowel.Angular
Business rules and authorization extensions for Breeze Server for Entity Framework 6
Package for configuring operations with data according to user permissions.
Android com.aliyun.alink.linksdk.breeze for Xamarin.Android
Integration library for ASP.NET Core MVC for Breeze NHibernate.
Starter kit for building a SPA with ASP.NET MVC, TypeScript, Knockout, Durandal, and Breeze. To use start by creating an empty MVC4 application and then apply this nuget package using: Install-Package SPAcify