Top 20 NuGet boot Packages

Configuration provider for resolving property placeholders in configuration values
Abstractions for use with dynamic logging
Packing for adding property placeholder resolving config provider to ASP.NET Core applications
CHIMP boot/script providers
Boot.Multitenancy v.1.6.5 Multitenancy is a NHibernate (ISession) helper for ISessionFactory. Support multiple domains and databases in a single instance. Contains a lot of extensions. Consult project website for more information.
A simple, flexible application bootstrapper.
Loopback Boot (loopback-boot) binding library for Bridge.NET projects.
CHIMP boot/script providers API
Library providing Spring Boot's Actuator-like features to a NancyFx application.
A small library to reorganise how classes are added to the ServiceCollection.
Add support for injecting application name.
Opinionated WebApi project setup and configuration
A small library with attributes for C# classes. Used by the Boot4ServiceCollection when adding classes to the service collection.
A library that enables automatic startup for .NET applications at system-boot while providing additional startup management options.
Allows to integrate a ASP.NET Core Server with Spring Boot Admin. It allows to easily see the logs, configured routes, configured dependencies and memory usage. See for examples and details