Top 20 NuGet blake2 Packages

Blake2 hash for sensitive data. Uses Isopoh.Cryptography.SecureArray to assure sensitive data gets wiped from RAM and, if the operating system allows, never gets written to disk.
An implementation of Blake2 for .NET that integrates with the standard crypto libraries
Optimized implementations of the BLAKE2b and BLAKE2s cryptographic hashing algorithms. Uses SSE2-SSE4.1 Hardware Intrinsics support on .NET Core 2.1+ and AVX2 on .NET Core 3+
Multiformat hash encoding
hash library for Bryllite. Keccak, SHA3, SHA2, Blake2, Ripemd
Hash passwords easily (with salting). You can choose between 6 different hashing algorithms which are sha1, sha256, sha384, sha512 and blake2b
Data.HashFunction implementation of BLAKE2 hash (
Data.HashFunction implementation of BLAKE2 hash (