Top 20 NuGet bind Packages

Easy to use JavaScript templating and binding framework.
Easy to use JavaScript two way binding framework.
A set of extensions to Prism for use in Windows UWP apps. x:Bind friendly Page and UserControl.
This package contains runtime assemblies for reading/creating Digi3D.NET double precision binary files (*.BIND) on computers with Digi3D.NET installed. A Digi3D.NET license is required to run applications that use the assemblies published by this package. Rent a license at
Mapping/binding between basic types and common xamarin.forms controls using NetCore.Apis.Client.UI
Bind classes to interfaces, enabling more polymorphic inheritence and extensability of code you don't own, or making using legacy code slightly more enjoyable.
DataBind is a simple javascript function that facilitates binding Data from a JSON object to a HTML template. The objective of this script is to enable using templates without introducing any new or invalid syntax and without dictating the way you structure your application. All you need is a single...
Ninject extension that allows to automatically bind a type with configuration provider throught attributes.
Binding manager and interfaces for adding bindings to existing UI frameworks.
Autofac extension that allows to automatically bind a type with configuration provider through attributes.
DnsZone is a tool for parsing and formating dnz zone files according to RFC1035 and RFC1034.
A tool for binding controls, variables and typed event handlers to custom Settings classes.
Binding to enum collections
Utils for .NET applications + Serializers for object to JSON and XML + Object Binder for NameValueCollection to Object + Safe converter for any object type to another object type + Regular Expression patterns for many string format + Extension methods for some actions + Hash utils for crypto + File...
Configuration Parser provides the most convenient way to read configuration files of your applications. The parser is specifically designed to easily bind custom configuration sections. All required mapping and performing casts will be made by the Configuration Parser automatically.
Read .config files and bind it to model.
A fast data binding library that relies exclusively on INotifyPropertyChanged.
Funicular-Switch is a lightweight C# railway oriented programming pattern oriented on F#'s result types
A set of extensions methods to help working with nullable types by implementing the Maybe monad on top of `T?`. Documentation: Release notes: Add new `Else()` extension.
Provides additional configuration specific functionality related to Options using Json.NET. It's an alternative for Microsoft.Extensions.Options.ConfigurationExtensions.