Top 20 NuGet bind Packages

The collection of the functionality for Options Validations that can be utilized for AspNetCore or GenericHost.
Cross-platform .NET library for computations whose arguments and results are objects that implement INotifyPropertyChanged and INotifyCollectionChanged (ObservableCollection) interfaces. The computations include ones similar to LINQ (collections), the computation of arbitrary expression (scalar valu...
Class library for performing advanced operations with types, dynamic objects, expressions, and reflection.
Basic data binding for Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Android.
Simple-config is an extensible, convention-based XML to C# binder, specifically designed to easily bind custom config sections without the need to write any config handlers or sections. Simply by performing a cast to the required type, SimpleConfig will perform all required mapping, without the use...
This Mousetrap extension overwrites the default bind behavior and allows you to bind multiple combinations in a single bind call. To use this extension, all you have to do is include the javascript on your page after you include Mousetrap.
在WEB API中,支持绑定多个参数实体类。并且支持将路由中的值自动绑定到同名的参数中。
Bind Ponyfill (bind-ponyfill) binding library for Bridge.NET projects.
The DynamicResultSet library allows you to use the data returned from one stored procedure to populate any number of DynamicClasses.
This package can be used to bind and retreive data to and from HTML elements and observe changes.
A small C# Library which allows binding (and unbinding) of global Hotkeys, even when application is not Focused/Activated or in Background (using P/Invokes)
Simple Bind Framework Core
Attribute for strong model binding in MVC
C# Wrapper to help generate Composite SVG Components designed to ease production of complex graphical elements.
PowerPoint presentation from template and model
Easy to use JavaScript two way binding framework.
Easy to use JavaScript two way binding framework.