Top 20 NuGet base32 Packages

Binary string library for .NET
Crockford Base32 encoding for 64-bit identifiers. In comparison to other, similar libraries, quickford focuses on speed and efficiency. Have fun saving electricity!
BaseNEncodings.Net is an RFC 4648 compliant base16, base32, and base64 encoding library for .NET Standard 1.1.
A libarary of binary-to-text converters (aka BaseNN).
A .NET implementation of Bech32 (BIP 173), written in F#
CaveSystems BaseX Bibliothek. This packages contains base32 base64 and general baseX conversion classes.
This library offers text encoding types that are missing from the .NET Framework.
A binary-to-text encoder/decoder library for .NET and Fable. Provides base 16, base 32, base 46, base 64, and base 91 codecs. Supports custom character sets.
Converts bytes to base 32 encoded Strings
base 32 strings following Douglas Crockford's spec
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