Top 20 NuGet backup Packages

AWS Backup is a fully managed backup service that makes it easy to centralize and automate the back up of data across AWS services in the cloud as well as on-premises.
Ecng system framework
Provides developers with libraries for the updated recovery services backup feature under Azure Resource manager.
A tool to backup and restore MySQL database in C#/VB.NET/ASP.NET.
Backup any Ms Sql database to a local or network folder
.Net platfroms log service. Your logs write local file, bacup local and post remote server.
GarminConnectClient is a library for communication with GarminConnect. It allows to list, download and upload Garmin activities. It is inspired by
A C# implementation of the apcupsd NIS protocol (
Backup any Ms Sql database to a local or network folder and execute maintenance plans
DotNet Tools command line implementation for backup, copy, delete and restore of Azure tables to/from local file or Azure blob storage using TheByteStuff.AzureTableUtilities found on NuGet: Backup/Copy/Delete/Restore parameters can be...
SMABackup is a library to backup specified user defined databases and sources to specified user defined destinations automatically. SMABackup.Service is a worker service implemented based on SMABackup feeds a schedule config file and backups automatically in scheduled times. The repository url: http...
Typed and validated application configuration settings. Allows backup configuration such as parent / child settings. Based off ConfigurationManager, JSON, and Environment Variables.
Backup, Copy, Delete and Restore options for use with Azure Tables. An alternative to tools such as AZCopy. Backup destination may be to a local file or to Azure storage blob. File may be optionally compressed (zipped). Copy allows for the same or different connection spec for Source and Destinat...
Copies input azure table to files
Export your data from the Atlassian Cloud.
Backup and zip or restore a MS SQL database library with command line runner
Google Photos CLI Tool
.NET client for the Reincubate iCloud API. The Reincubate iCloud API provides powerful programmatic iCloud access to investigators, application developers and integrators. It is RESTful and makes many commonly-accessed forms of data available as JSON feeds. The API includes functionality for extract...
ServiceFabric.BackupRestore adds backup and restore features to your Reliable Stateful Services in Service Fabric. How to use this package:
Super Admin Functions For backing up database, restoring it as well as creating new db, Updated in VS