Top 20 NuGet backgroundservice Packages

Ever wonder how facebook and twitter process there background to fetch a new content? It is not hard but you have to deal with each platform functionality, It is not generic and simple.
Package allows to execute background tasks by schedule.
An IHostedService abstraction which manages a dynamically scaleable pool of IHostedService instances.
All services launched using this plugin can run in background, event if the app is not running anymore (well, at least on Android), nor on foreground.
Extends Microsoft's BackgroundService to create fail-slow service which tries to handle failures internally, perform limited number of restarts, waits for recovery etc.
BackgroundWorker abstraction that maps to native APIs for all platforms supported by Xamarin.Forms
Pretty much full project template for creating a worker service.
Provides abstract class for core hosted service to work with infinite loop and setted delay.