Top 20 NuGet avatar Packages

Canducci Gravatar
Android library to display a few images in one ImageView like avatar of group chat. Ported from Kotlin to Xamarin.Android by Rofiq Setiawan.
Imitation of instagram and weibo avator animation of loading for Android.
Round Corner RelativeLayout for Xamarin.Android
NGravatar provides MVC HtmlHelper and UrlHelper extension methods for rendering Gravatar avatars from The project is licensed under the MIT open-source license and is hosted at Google Code. See for more information. Gravatar avatars...
NGravatar.Core provides methods for interacting with the Gravatar API on the .NET platform. This is the core library used by NGravatar for MVC extension methods. To get those methods, install the NGravatar package.
gicon is to help you to generate icon by 128-bit hash (MD5, SHA1) or GUID.
This is an Android project allowing to realize a circular View in the simplest way possible. Finish the oval shapes of all colors in your projects.
Create circular ImageView in Android in the simplest way possible