Top 20 NuGet assemblyinfo Packages

Helpers to push package to NuGet
Bumpy is a tool to manipulate version information across multiple files found in the current working directory using a configuration file which consists of glob patterns and regular expressions.
Cake AddIn for the version management command line tool Bumpy
Creates an AssemblyInfo file based on git history.
The PowerShell script to increment the assembly version on AssemblyInfo.
Improve the quality of all your projects from a single source.
A set of classes for building development projects that can be integrated into other build tools.
Generates assembly attributes ("AssemblyInfo.cs") based on MSBuild properties for classic .NET project types (classic ASP.NET, WPF, WinForms, Console, ...) similar to .NET Core and .NET Standard project.
The PowerShell script to increment the assembly version in AssemblyInfo.
MSBuild targets for updating Assembly version during build process. AssemblyInfo can be set by initializing MSBuild property $(AssemblyVersionNumber) before MSBuild target AssemblyVersionUpdate is called.