Top 20 NuGet aspnet-core Packages

Enhanced identity management built on ASP.NET Core Identity.
An opinionated ASP.NET Core 'Hosting' core application-library is to help reduce the ceremony required in starting a new 'REST' like web application, mainly "Program.cs".
LiteX.Guard is a simple guard clause argument validation library, that helps you with validation of your arguments. A simple package with guard clause helper methods. This library provides guard clauses that could be used to guard against not expected values. It provides conditions for ...
AspNet Core Extensions to work with InvoiceXpress.ApiClient.
Request and Response wrapper for C# projects. Support .Net and .Net core
A plugin for Microsoft.Extensions.DependencyInjection to support automatically injecting all types which defines ITransientType, IScopedType, ISingletonType, and also injecting makes with interceptors. It uses System.Reflection.DispatchProxy to enable on the fly proxy creation of implementation type...