Top 20 NuGet as Packages

Efuelite Solutions RandomHelper helps to generate random numbers as string used for One time password
A micro-module for easy parsing string into different .NET built-in types using As<T> syntax. Feel free to bundle this module with your core library (using any packer, like ILMerge, ILRepack, LibZ, etc.), use micro-assembly as it is, or just take the source code and use it in your project.
C# library that adds conversion Method Extensions to System.Object. Perform super simple data conversions without being forced to consider all the scenarios. Let the library do it for you.
Base library for function applications running on WatsonFunction.
Make casting operator overloads available to isinst-like(as in C#, TryCast in VB) operations. This should also allow you to cast from unspecified type to anything as long as the actual type of the source object can cast to target type.
Wrapper around Basler PylonC.Net to provide unified video source interface
Wrapper around OpenCv video capture. Web-cameras, files, rtsp and http sources are supported
Small helper class to measure methods call time in runtime
Small helper class to measure methods call time in runtime
Access Identity as a Service protected Web APIs in ASP.NET Core projects
Use 'dotnet tool' as service in your .net projects. The commands are wrapped so you can handle very comfortable the commands of the 'dotnet tool' cli as a service.