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This package contains the nearly more than 30 custom activities. It is related to the Workbook, worksheet and sheet data. In Resource Tab I have attached details of all the components. It helps and makes easy you to do more process into the excel file. All components can configure very user friendl...
Sometime you need fluent api to design the class and output as string for Reflection or anyother purposes and you end up with lot of string lines and messy code. This library will provide you fluent api to design the class and output as string.
This package contains the below Activities. FindReplace - Find and replace the entire document RemoveDisplayLineNumber - To remove the display line number WordStatistics- Can get the WordCount , Total Pages,Total Lines,Total Characters,Total CharactersWithSpaces and Total Paragraphs InsertTable - I...
Compello.InvoiceApproval.DocumentImport NuGetPackage
Compello.InvoiceApproval.Integration NuGetPackage
Compello.InvoiceApproval.Ocr.ReceiverCore NuGetPackage
Compello.InvoiceApproval.ImapAttachments NuGetPackage
Compello.InvoiceApproval.IntegrationGeneral NuGetPackage
Parses any string into different .NET built-in types using As<T> syntax. Add this package to your core library, so it would get the source code of this module without installing a binary dependency. Then proceed with using corresponding functionality from Atom.Util namespace, like if it was install...
A C# framework library for wrapping .NET cache access, including the MemoryCache, AppFabric Cache, Memcached and a disk cache. Use any cache provider in AOP-style, or as an ASP.NET output cache.
Digst.OioIdws.Rest.Server is a .Net-based reference implementation of the OIOIDWS REST 1.1 profile. The Toolkit can be used by services to act as a Web Service Provider (WSP) and/or Authentication Server (AS).
Chai As Promised (chai-as-promised) binding library for Bridge.NET projects.
Sinon As Promised (sinon-as-promised) binding library for Bridge.NET projects.
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Get your Public IP and all related Informations about any IP Address ( Country, region, city, address, zip code, lat, long, organization, isp timezone, status, and other informations ...)
All of the Flyntax C# diagnostics and code fixes in one package.
Convert HTML and Url to Pdf as well as Image
Efuelite Solutions RandomHelper helps to generate random numbers as string used for One time password