Top 20 NuGet arm Packages

Apriori Association Rule Mining
Keystone is a lightweight multi-platform, multi-architecture assembler framework. This package corresponds to the csharp bindings in the official git repository.
Tool to generate an Azure Resource template for a Logic App
A simple lightweight library that helps you generate ARM templates using POCO types and the usual programming language constructs in C#
A collection of ARM resources as C# types.
The Windows SDK for C++: ARM enables developers to build ARM binaries for Windows platforms.
Microsoft Azure uAMQP library
GNU Arm Embedded Toolchain
With RoboDK API allows you to interact with industrial robots and RoboDK Software. RoboDK Software allows you to simulate and program industrial robots for any manufacturing operation, such as robot machining, inspection or pick and place applications. You can esily program and debug any industrial ...
An HttpClient based client for Azure Resource Manager APIs
Checks AzureDeploy.json for some basic errors
libgrpc_csharp_ext compiled for arm7, deploys with linux-arm runtime identifier. See: for a walkthrough
gRPC Template configured for a RaspberryPi Client. Includes a nuget reference to ARM32 compiled native library (libgrpc_csharp_ext v1.1.0) necessary for gRPC to work on the pi, and quick scripts for publishing and deploying to your pi. It demonstrates both client/server communication using gRPC...