Top 20 NuGet arbitrary-precision Packages

Implementation of rational number arithmetic for .NET with arbitrary precision. Supported features: - implicit conversions - rationals integrate seamlessly with other number types - unlimited precision - rationals use BigInteger inside - canonical form - each rational can have its canonical form (...
.NET implementation of radical expressions enabling radical expression arithmetic.
A symbolic, univariate, and generic (!) polynomial class. Generic means that the indeterminant can be of any arithmetic type, including the native value types (Double, Decimal, Int32, Int64, etc...), BigInteger, Complex, and even specialized numeric libraries such as BigRational, BigDecimal or BigCo...
A univariate, sparse, symbolic, BigInteger polynomial arithmetic class.
Advanced Java big math functions implementation using .NET Framework.
Arbitrary precision rational number class.
Arbitrary precision decimal class
Arbitrary precision complex numbers