Top 20 NuGet apis Packages

The VTEX platform (PaaS) (e-commerce) SDK. A .NET client to consume VTEX APIs for both Core and Framework projects
Are you a user of YoutubeExtractor looking to switch to libvideo? libvideo.compat is a compatibility API that helps you to make the move, without having to change a single line of code. Find us on GitHub at
Simple HTTP and REST client for Unity based on Promises, also support Callbacks!
Provides management capabilities for Microsoft Azure Healthcare Apis.
The VTEX platform (PaaS) (e-commerce) SDK. A .NET client to consume VTEX APIs for both Core and Framework projects
An easy client for http requests. Useful for consuming and integrating APIs. This client has the ability to serialize JSON reponses into a given object.
The abstractions provide helper logic and types for common ASP.NET Core API tasks.
Auto document all of your WEB APIs and centralize documentation using API platform.
This package contains the last REST client you will ever need. As well as a world class REST client you also gain access to DynamicApis own REST toolkit used to build the platform.
Client-side libraries to work with the apis made available on There is one DLL available defining the contracts used to communicate with the server as well as an EXE in the tools folder that wraps it for commandline interactions. The EXE can also be used...
Easily implement logging that logs to centralized using WebApi action filters.
A client for the apis. The exe can also be used as a consumable library.
Efuelite Solutions APIConnect package aids connection to restful APIs .
Library to access Google APIs such as Geocoding and Places APIs.
FullContact Contacts API SDK for .NET Documentation can be found at
The C# contracts used by the APIs.
Google APIs Maps/Geocoding services
The Sankhya platform (PaaS) (e-commerce) SDK. A .NET client to consume Sankhya APIs
A very maintainable way to address query API's
Writing a .NET Core library? Want to use native Windows Runtime APIs? This package is for you.