Top 20 NuGet agile Packages

NSpectator is a ready-to-use solution for development using .NET with Context/Specification flavor. Toolset is intended to be used to drive development through specifying behavior and interaction at the unit level. NSpectator has no dependencies. Feel free to use any assertion library.
Common mock objects for Qwiq
An extension of Qwiq.Mapper providing support for identity values.
Adds mapping / translation between the Qwiq work items and your own model types
Provides identity extension methods on top of Qwiq.Core
Provides Quick Work Item Queries to Team Foundation Server and Visual Studio Online via REST APIs
Model validations helper for aspnetcore. Allows you to have validations set in places such as your business logic with the help of NetCore.ModelValidation.Core nuget
This library is a contribution to Microsoft Fakes. It allows tests to verify expectations on mocks with an easy and fluent syntax.
Ability to define and enforce custom DONE criteria Integrate with any work tracking system like, TFS, Rally, Jira, etc. (via API) Extend DONE criteria evaluation rules Ability to send analysis report to multiple consumers like - email - store in DB (can be later used to discover trends, etc)
Agile process template for WiLinq
Extensions of Qwiq.Linq providing identity assistance in LINQ.
A LINQ query provider to simplify querying for work items
Core functionality to handle model validation. Allows you to add and list errors mapped to objects and its fields
Speed up your unit test writing by using this helper that leverages AutoMocker to automatically mock dependencies.
Chet is a simple, minimal, mocking framework for .NET Core 2.0.
This library is used by the UmlFromCode application to help build PlantUml diagrams from code.
An opinionated helper adding syntaxic sugar around Moq library