Top 20 NuGet zoho Packages

Use Zoho API C#.NET SDK to access Zoho API
Analyze the performance of your Azure web apps built in .NET platform with APM Insight .NET agent. Obtain a holistic view of your application performance, and enhance your end user experience.
Site24x7 APM Insight's .NET Core Agent supports tracking requests, errors, external calls and exceptions in the ASP.NET Core applications. Find more information in
A C# asynchronous client library to interact with the Zoho People API. The client does not fully implement all the API features.
Site24x7 APMInsight's .NET Agent API supports custom method, exceptions and components tracking. You can find more information in
A .NET client for interacting with Zoho CRM service
DevScribble - ZohoCRM Class Library
This wrapper classes is used to easily integrate Zoho Projects modules like portals, projects, milestones,tasklists, events etc. into your application.