Top 20 NuGet xaudio2 Packages

C# COM Interop classes for use with SharpGenTools generated libraries
Core DirectX library.
A .NET bindings for DXGI
XAudio2 and X3DAudio bindings
A .NET wrapper for Microsoft's DirectXShaderCompiler.
A multimedia bindings and utilities
DirectComposition bindings.
Direct3D12 bindings.
Direct3D11 bindings.
Direct2D1 bindings.
D3DCompiler bindings.
Direct3D9 bindings.
Assembly providing DirectX - XAudio2, X3DAudio and XAPO managed API.
XInput bindings.
Assembly providing DirectX - XAPO managed API
X3DAudio .NET bindings.
XAudio 2.9 redistributable for Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.
A C++/CLI assembly for playing (with FFmpeg and XAudio2), tagging (with TagLib) and fingerprinting (with FFmpeg and Acoustid Chromaprint) audio files.