Top 20 NuGet websharper Packages

WebSharper floating panel component
WebSharper floating panel component
F# friendly wrapper that will avoid having you spread the Kendo API throughout your code-base. WebSharper.Kendo contains the Wrapper as well as any dependencies.
WebSharper.Community.PropertyGrid WebSharper native property grid component utilizing reactive variables
This WebSharper Extension provides bindings to the [amplify.js]( library, version 1.1.2
Suave in opposite to OWIN offers WebSockets that run on Mono. The project demonstrates how WebSharper can be coupled with Suave WebSockets
A framework that combines WebSharper and Angular to allow F# coding of all aspects of a SPA client and server
WebSharper bindings for Angular UI, based on the DefinitelyTyped definitions. Currently features angular-ui-router only.
WebSharper bindings for Angular, based on the DefinitelyTyped definitions
Polymer elements for WebSharper.
WebSharper extension for PowerBI (
WebSharper extension for javascript tree view control jstree.js (
WebSharper.Community.Threejs WebSharper extension for javascript 3D control Three.js (
WebSharper.Community.JqPropertyGrid WebSharper extension for javascript properties grid control JqPropertyGrid.js (
WebSharper extension for javascript split control Split.js (
WebSharper Extensions for Bing Maps
WebSharper Extensions for DHTMLX
WebSharper Extensions for Ext Js
WebSharper Extensions for Formlets for jQuery UI
WebSharper Extensions for Formlets for jQuery Mobile