Top 20 NuGet wallet Packages

Generate pass files for Apple Wallet. This library allows you to build and sign a pkpass file.
A wallet and daemon client to interface with Monero's JSON-RPC API, built on .netstandard2.1.
Neo light wallet implementation, using NEP6 standard.
The C# SDK
Important: Not a full Neo VM, just has the necessary functions to support Neo NEP6
Base dependency of NeoModules.NEP6project. It has the necessary original code from neo-project to support a light wallet.
NEO lightwallet / blockchain API for C#. Allows you to interact with smart contracts in the NEO blockchain.
This package has all the Core data types and methods to support NeoModules project.
this SDK used to build Wallet Management Multi component
Payabbhi .NET Library
The IOTA wallet library for .NET Standard framework. Compatible with .net 4.5 and .net core 1.0
Google Checkout .NET Client Wrapper
Signed Xamarin Google Play Services - Wallet assemblies for Intersoft Crosslight.
This package is an API wrapper class for the PassKit API. It allows you to create & manage your content for Apple Wallet, Android Pay, and other Mobile Wallet platforms. This package does require you to have a PassKit account, which you can sign up for for free at: F...
.NET Portable SDK for access to Mangopay API v2. Using Mangopay technology, you can create e-wallets for sellers and buyers, securely hold funds on e-wallets as long as needed, collect fees, refund payers, etc... An account is required in order to test (in a sandbox environment). For more informatio...
BKM Express Xamarin SDK
C# Client Library for API
Qiwi Wallet API Library, supports transactions history, money transfers, etc
C# library for communicating with the KeepKey hardware wallet over USB
NEO smart contract / blockchain emulator.