Top 20 NuGet views Packages

The Actipro WPF Controls, which is a vast set of UI controls for building beautiful WPF desktop applications with advanced functionality. This metapackage includes the Actipro Bar Code, Charts, Docking/MDI, Editors, Gauge, Grids, Micro Charts, Navigation, Ribbon, Shell, SyntaxEditor, Themes, Views,...
Views is a set of unique WPF controls and advanced panels that support fluid animated item layout. It contains a task board control with reorderable columns and cards, a book control that renders its content as pages in a book, a smooth-scrolling ScrollViewer variation that reacts to touch and supp...
SyntaxEditor is a powerful text editing control designed for use in IDE applications and script editing scenarios. Code editing features include syntax highlighting, code outlining, line numbers, block selection, IntelliPrompt UI, split views, zooming, bi-di support, and much more. SyntaxEditor is ...
Interactive Pregenerated Views for Entity Framework 6.3.
Provides additional support for working with ASP.NET Core, including TagHelpers, View Location Expanders, support for IMetadataAware, and rendering enumerated types as SelectLists based on a UiHint attribute.
Use Routable with simple model-view support
Automates the building of CRUD view models from decorated class definitions
Transfer views across organizations
Razor class library for the Schematic CMS framework
Epicycle .NET graphics library. Includes: Platform-independent image library and color infrastructure. * Details & release notes: * Sources: * Git ...
Adds an authorization layer to ViewBuilding so that only authorized content is displayed
This nuget package will add support for views migrations to Entity Framework.
Simplifies usage of .net core mvc and web api application with strongly typed features and customizable templates.
Netstandard/PCL/Win10 Xamarin.Forms views, converters, pages and services such as bindable picker and a modal view
This project allows you to provide any web application with views, stylsheets and scripts embedded in an assembly by using the virtual file system of ASP.NET.
Improve your websites using fullpage scrolling.
Extends IMvcPipelineComponet to support lua resty template views.
Diagnostics to troubleshoot view attachment problems
The allowance for clean and tidy Google Tag Manager commands to be set up in a MVC view. The MVC HTML view extensions return JavaScript commands, which use a JavaScript file to populate the data layer ready for Google Tag Manager.
Particle Engine made for Xamarin Android