Top 20 NuGet vsix Packages

When referencing VS SDK NuGet packages using PackageReference, assemblies are referenced instead of linked. This package corrects that.
An installer that can be chained with other packages to locate the latest VSIXInstaller.exe to use for installing VSIX extensions.
VsixTesting allows you to easily test your Visual Studio Extensions.
Clide Installer: VSIX, MSI and EXE (chained) installer integration.
Analyzer for comparing JSON and POCO types. Packaged for use in a VSIX project.
OpenVsixSignTool.Core is a library for signing a VSIX file using a certificate, Azure Key Vault, or any other private key.
The Del Sole's VSIX library helps generating code snippets for Visual Studio 2015 and Visual Studio Code, plus it allows creating VSIX packages to share reusable IntelliSense code snippet files for Visual Studio 2015 and Visual Studio Code. We provide integrated Roslyn code analysis for live issue d...
Provides custom types, helpers and extension methods for Visual Studio extensibility.
Prevents Visual Studio SDK reference assemblies from being included in a VSIX archive.
On a project that references the Microsoft.VSSDK.BuildTools package, enables installing extra VSIXes to the targetted Visual Studio version and instance by simply declaring them as @(Vsix) items: <ItemGroup> <Vsix Include="MyOtherExtension.vsix" /> </ItemGroup> The items will be installed only...
A NuGet package which can be used to easily create item and project templates for Visual Studio.
Provides custom types, helpers and extension methods for Visual Studio extensibility, particularly its Team Foundation part.
Injects VsixDependency items into the containing VSIX project manifest and VSIX container.
Logs exceptions and custom events to Application Insights
OpenVsixSignTool is a command-line tool for signing a VSIX file using a certificate or Azure Key Vault.
Generates the ThisAssembly partial class and adds a Vsix property containing properties from the source VSIX extension manifest file. These might be useful for conditional behaviors, diagnostics and tracing, and more. Included properties are: Identifier, Name, Description and Author.
Visual Studio Extensions development SDK
Gentle encouragement to rate Visual Studio extensions
After adding this NuGet package to your Visual Studio Package project the build process will be updated and the .vsix file created will be compressed. The % of compression varies from project to project, but its common to see results from 40-70%. By having a smaller .vsix file when users...
A project template for building Library Installer extensions