Top 20 NuGet universalapps Packages

Helper methods, bindings, and animations
Custom navigator control that adds new event model and page features
Tab control based on html fragments
search engine to index and search content locally
Control to show progress indicator on a page or globally in the application
Control to provide page-like navigation with FlipView
Control for managing an extended splash screen in WinRT apps
helpers and bindings for dates
navigation control in a side flyout
control implementing semantic zoom interface. It's usefull for wrapping custom controls in a SemanticZoom control
Control to display items in a grid way (horizontal or vertical). Supports several layout options
custom Hub Control relying on WinJSContrib navigator control
control to manage ListView layouts in your markup instead of code
Control and css framework for handling data forms with validation
Helps manage datasources with grouping and provide a control to wrap listview with grouping and semantic zoom
Control for a sliding effect on swipe. It helps building navigation or custom controls behaving like a flipview.
Control wrap Pivot control of WinJS to provide sliding effect on swipe on Cordova apps.
Wrapper for communication between main code web workers or iframes
helpers that simplify background task integration for WinRT apps
run custom scripts in a isolated sandbox