Top 20 NuGet timeline Packages

A collection of custom Controls for Windows.Forms
Projects and tasks are comfortably organized into a hierarchical structure displayed in the left pane of the chart. The grid is easily configurable so you can add/remove custom columns to display required information. Current schedule status can be seen at a glance with percent-complete shadings. Yo...
An infinite scrolling timeline to pick a date for Android
Xamarin.Android Binding for VRG Soft's Timeline View
Intuitive drag-and-drop interface allows the end users to quickly manage events and appointments in different views: Day, Week, Month, Year, Agenda, etc. Very lightweight , highly customizable, and fast, dhtmlxScheduler provides a quick way to add an Ajax-based event calendar on a web page.
React Calendar Timeline (react-calendar-timeline) binding library for Bridge.NET projects.
TimelineJS: A Storytelling Timeline built in JavaScript
Android Timeline View Library (Using RecyclerView) is simple implementation used to display view like Tracking of shipment/order, steppers etc.
Tweets.NET is very simple .NET library for reading public timeline of specified twitter user.
chronoline.js is a library for making a chronology timeline out of events on a horizontal timescale. You can see a demo at