Top 20 NuGet thrift Packages

Contains runtime libraries from lib/csharp for net35 and net45 frameworks, and from lib/netstd for netstandard2.0 framework development.
.NET client for Apache Cassandra thrift interface
Version from this branch: (this commit: nuget package v. now also including thrift compiler for windows (thrift-0.9.1.exe) nuget package v. now pr...
For .Net Core - naive port, use with caution...
Attribute-based, IDL-less Apache Thrift client for .NET.
Apache Thrift .NET Library. Only minimum required feature to support netstandard1.3.
Use the official release "ApacheThrift" ( This package contains only the .NET Standard 2.0 library.
Thrift binding library for Bridge.NET projects.
NHBaseAPI is an HBase API based completely on .NET platform. Internally it uses the interface under the Thrift protocol to communicate with HBase. As an API based completely on .NET platform, we deliberately preserve the multi-platform feature within it, which means developers can use the API on Mon...
Add support of Thrift protocol for Tx Envelope model.
An IConnection implementation that utilizes Apache Thrift to talk with elasticsearch
An IConnection implementation that uses System.Net.Http.HttpClient to talk with elasticsearch
This package is only useful if you use the low level client ONLY and do not use NEST but would like to use JSON.NET as your serializer
Evolution allows companies to integrate applications on a global scale without complex infrastructure or software. It enables developers to rapidly and cost-effectively transition existing Windows desktop applications to a service or API-based model. Whether you are an independent software vendor tr...
support thrift hive server / thrift hive server 2(spark sql use hive server 2)
Attribute-based, IDL-less Apache Thrift client for .NET.
A port of Swift from facebook, an attribute-based library for creating Thrift serializable types and services.
Thrift integrated Eureka realizes service discovery and service registration.
RPC library are 100% compatible with apache thrift services and export thrift 0.93 for .net core.