Top 20 NuGet testcase Packages

A sample library that allows methods have attribute with specific properties.
Allows access to test case data in TFS from nunit tests, to read parameters and also to update test runs.
Package Description
This project will help you fill the testcases in the Test Managemnt Tool
Lightweight helper APIs simplifying IIS,IISExpress and Nuget packages management in tests
it is VS 2012 Addin, Sync up test code to TFS test case with template by one click Read test case's title and discription from TFS and sync up to code you will find UserGuide.docx in your project root folder to get more detail
Brings all web related TestEasy packages to the project: WebServers, Azure, WebBrowser, NuGet helpers
Wrappers and abstractions around Selenium and Selenium Grid functionality supporting all major browsers interactions
Facade consolidating Azure APIs (REST, managed etc) into simple classes, providing a single entry point for all Azure scenarios
Extendable wrappers and abstractions over web servers (IIS, IISExpress or custom)
NuGet API wrappers simplifying nuget package management in websites at runtime
Contains dependencies needed for building a Yats test case project
Lightweight Test Automation Framework (LTAF) for ASP.NET runtime dependencies
it is VS 2012 Addin, 1. Create and update Test Case in TFS based on Code and Template 2. Bind Test Automation 3. Load Title and Summary From TFS Into Code you will find Microsoft.ECO.TestHelper.UserGuide.docx in your project root folder to get more detail
Common configuration, helper and abstraction classes used by other TestEasy packages
Provides method attributes to assign metadata to a test method. Example: [TestCaseId("123")]
Package Description